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Thursday 29th 2004f July 2004, 01:42:48 am. Posted in: Plain Vanilla. 156 words.  

I live, breathe computers (well not really, I _try_ to have a life! :) ). This site is my first attempt to add a human side to my online presence. I intend to write regularly and post images of life from across the pond.

I study at Washington University in Saint Louis, doing my Masters in Computer Science. I did my undergraduate at Vellore Institute of Technology, and worked with SCM Microsystems for a year.

This site runs highly customized versions of b2evolution and coppermine gallery. The site design was "borrowed" from elements around the web; icons used on this website were made available by generous artists. The site has been tested on Internet Explorer 6.0, Opera 7.52 and Mozilla Firefox 0.9.2.

A big thank you to David Kirba for letting me use his photograph for my logo. If you need a shoot done in Chennai or want to see his amazing stock photos, get in touch with him at dckirba.


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